This rich and robust program not only enhances the participant’ knowledge base but encourages deep, thoughtful and meaningful dialog on the key elements of building and maintaining thriving and healthy communities.” – Cindy Nuesslein, CEO, Interim LSU Hospital, Class of 2007

The NORLI alumni actively participate in planning each session for the current NORLI class. These alumni bring to the situation their own experiences as NORLI class members and their own network of contacts to put together seven high powered, focused learning sessions each year.” – John F. Little, International Matex Tank Terminals Manager, New Orleans Region, Class of 2004

“It is extremely important that I develop strong professional relationships with the most engaged and energetic leaders across southeastern Louisiana.   Success in my work depends on it.   My NORLI experience—as part of an extraordinarily outstanding class, was the single biggest boost to getting me connected.” Robert Brown, Consultant, Paradigm Plus Consulting, Class of 2004

“NORLI gave me the opportunity to engage with talented and successful individuals for the purpose of discussing key issues in our region and to hear from effective leaders in the community about the key challenges that confront us. I gained a greater insight into the need to insert and assert ourselves into the community to make this region a better place for all. We can no longer afford to have a community divided by educational, economic, racial and health disparities.” Myron Moorehead, M.D., Director, Women’s Laser Institute, Class of 2007

“My NORLI experience was tremendous. I stay in contact with my class members to this day. In addition to having a sitting State Senator, Mayor, Parish President and Sheriff as members of my class, two of my classmates ran for Congress, one ran for Mayor, one ran for State Senate and one ran for state-wide elected office. The class was full of bright, achievement-oriented people who have made a difference in our community. Talk about networking!” John Kallenborn, President of Louisiana Market, JP Morgan Chase, Class of 2001

“I have always wanted to make an impact in my Region.  The churches, schools, and the Chambers are the main institutions that most people are aware of.  NORLI has exposed me to a vast number of other organizations that have allowed me to participate in community endeavors. Through my participation in NORLI, I am more aware of my calling to serve the Region; more engaged in the Region; and more mindful of other people’s views and perspectives.  Definitely a must tell to my acquaintances.”  Maida Jones Glover, MSM, Strategic Impact LLC, Class of 2007

“The New Orleans Regional Leadership Institute offers an eye-opening experience for participants.  I learned more about the inner workings of my region in one year than I did in the previous ten.  Many of my friends started as NORLI acquaintances and my NORLI network continues to grow and develop because I have stayed involved as an alumni.  If you want to discover why things work the way they do and what we can do to improve our community, NORLI is a terrific place to start.” Byron Harrell, Managing Partner, Philoptima Consulting, Class of 2005