Crescent Table

Through a series of facilitated conversations and dialogues, the Crescent Table spurs greater civic engagement and community mindedness while gathering data on the issues and topics most important to a diverse array of community members.

Connecting through Conversations

The Crescent Table is a day of community building through conversations designed to strengthen and connect our community. Open, thoughtful conversations will spark new relationships and new ways for working together by deepening our understanding of each other and what our community needs.

Continuing the Conversation

We hope The Crescent Table is only a starting point in sparking conversations, and that all participants continue to talk and listen to each other about how to make our community better. This is a day focused on community-building—but The Crescent Table is always open for conversation.

Keep in touch with us on facebook, twitter, and linkedin, and tell us about your Crescent Table experience using the hashtag #thecrescenttable.