The NORLI Experience

Transforming perspectives and inspiring action among over 700 local leaders representing the very best intellect, spirit, energy, and ideals of the Greater New Orleans Region. Leaders are connected and relationships are forged calling us to greater collaboration, increased purpose, and sustained focus. 

Areas of Focus

NORLI drives strategic, deliberate dialogue through focused programming on a few key topics essential to the well-being and future of the Greater New Orleans Region. Our focus areas include Public Policy, Education, Healthcare, Environment and Sustainability, Diversity and Equity, Economic Development, and Criminal Justice.

To that end, NORLI relies on the expertise and partnership of the most dynamic and informed individuals and organizations in the region and state. These relationships foster greater collaboration, innovation, and understanding of our most pressing issues.

Regional Leadership
In Depth Analysis of Regional Issues

The Regional Leadership Program is NORLI’s foundational initiative focused on key issues that impact our economy and quality of life within the region. A class of 40 participants from around the ten parish region learn about topics including healthcare, economic development, education, criminal justice, public policy, diversity and equity, and environment and sustainability.

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Fusion Conference
A Policy Platform to Influence the Conversation

Fusion is a one day conference dedicated to convening national experts and local leaders to discuss a single issue critical to the future of our Region and State. Through benchmarking and brainstorming, attendees will leave with a greater understanding of the challenges before them and opportunities to influence the future of our region.

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Crescent Table
Conversations to Strengthen our Region

Through a series of facilitated conversations and dialogues, the Crescent Table spurs greater civic engagement and community mindedness while gathering data on the issues and topics most important to a diverse array of community members.

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Civic Onboarding and Introduction to the Region

NORLI Focus features an intensive two-day course on key regional topics that define the challenges, opportunities, and future of the region.

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A Seat at the Table
Providing a Voice to Changemakers

A Seat at the Table is an ongoing series of speaker panels featuring leaders on the forefront of initiatives addressing how historically underrepresented and marginalized groups are engaging in and influencing future policy discussions.

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Dialogues in Leadership
Highlighting Individual Paths to Leadership

Regional and State Leaders share their philosophies of leadership, management styles, risk assessment, and the process of emerging and continuing down a path of leadership.

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Women of NORLI
Uniting Women to Impact the Community

Women of NORLI creates a platform for continued growth, relationship building, unification, community engagement, and community service for female alumnae.

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