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The New Orleans Regional Leadership Institute (NORLI) is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization providing community leaders the opportunity to identify, collaborate, and address key issues for the betterment of the Greater New Orleans Region. NORLI draws upon a diverse group of stakeholders from around the ten parish region to engage in thought-provoking personal and professional development programs covering topics such as public policy, healthcare, education, diversity and equity, environment and sustainability, economic development, and criminal justice.

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We live in complex and challenging times.  In the midst of lost opportunities and reimagining what the future of our region, state and country should look like, never before has leadership mattered so much. Become a part of NORLI and challenge yourself and others in the most dynamic conversations about our future.  Together, we can inspire action through a shared vision, inclusion, and nonpartisanship.

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Every year, NORLI attracts the most influential and accomplished leaders in our Region who commit their time, energy, and expertise to the betterment of the Greater New Orleans Region and represent the present and future for economic growth and responsible community development.
Mark Cunningham, Jones Walker LLP
Chairman of NORLI, Class of 2009
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The legacy of institutionalized racism undermines the very essence of our sense of equity, equality, and justice.  Accordingly, the New Orleans Regional Leadership Institute, in solidarity with so many of our colleagues, peers, and the community at large, expressly denounces racism, bigotry, discrimination, and violence.  NORLI has always valued diversity as a fundamental precept to the composition of our board, the development of our programming, and the curating of our leadership classes.  Furthermore, realizing diversity in and of itself is not enough, we have integrated equity and inclusion into educational frameworks that intersect all NORLI programming.  While these efforts have been intentional and are at the core of NORLI’s commitment to equity, equality, and justice, they are not enough.  Therefore, NORLI commits itself to the following:
  1. A true and formal integration of diversity, equity, and inclusion at every level of our organization.  Through goals, policies, and publicly stated values, we will implement diversity, equity and inclusion strategies in all aspects of our governance, operations, programming, and stakeholder relations.  Furthermore, we will hold ourselves accountable to the expectations set forth in that work.
  2. Greater focus and specialization on diversity, equity, and inclusion training within our leadership programming to underscore the importance of gatekeepers in the dismantling of institutional racism.
  3. Intentional conversations within and independently of our leadership programs that reflect a forward-thinking approach to understanding and addressing bigotry and racism in policy, culture, the economy, education, healthcare, the justice system, workforce, etc.
As a nation, we are in pain.  At this time and in this moment, we need love, understanding, empathy, compassion, and leadership.  We fully commit ourselves to the work necessary to ensure a just, equal, and equitable future for everyone, so that everyone might lead us to better versions of ourselves as community leaders.


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